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we have lots of fun at kidz beatz. join us today

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we have lots of fun at kidz beatz join us today

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The Kidz Beatz program was developed by a primary school teacher with recommendations from specialists in speech pathology and occupational therapy. Our music and movement program supports children’s growing brains and bodies as they explore language, numeracy and body awareness in a fun and social environment.

As a primary school teacher I have seen how early language skills are crucial for children’s success in school and beyond. It is in a child’s first years that their brain is developing rapidly and the interactions they have with the people around them lay the foundations for future learning.

There is increasing evidence that active participation in musical activities can benefit brain development. Physically changing the way the brain grows, music enables them to process a multitude of functions better and faster as children, while significantly increasing their capacity for later learning.

Kidz Beatz classes are filled with music and movements designed to enhance young children’s cognitive development; expanding language, creativity, co-ordination, social and emotional skills. We sing songs with and without accompaniment and use storytelling, instruments, puppets and props to motivate children while they learn in a fun and engaging way. What a wonderful way to set the foundation for your child’s future learning.


At Kidz Beatz, our vision is that every child will begin school with good oral language and basic classroom skills to ensure they feel equipped, confident and are better prepared for their future learning experiences.


Our mission at Kidz Beatz is to provide a happy and welcoming environment in which well-rounded learners are created and prepared for future learning. Through music and movement we develop the whole child, supporting their growing brains as they explore language, numeracy and body awareness, in a fun and social environment.


• Safety

• Mutual Respect

• Inclusion

• Honesty

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Hello! My name is Alyssa and I’m a mum to two boys, Patrick and Elijah. I have a Bachelor of Primary Education, studied Contemporary Arts and hold a current VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching) registration. I have a passion for teaching young people and have been teaching in Primary Schools since 2005. I have also taught in a variety of skills; swimming, L.O.T.E, aerobics, drama, dance and music.

My passion for children’s early development and education, and having seen the importance of immersing children at a young age in literacy and language, lead me to developing the Kidz Beatz program. We aim to provide an engaging and fun environment for children to explore language through music and movement, so they can develop skills for future learning. It is wonderful to teach young children music and movement as well as providing parents and families with the tools to continue the fun and learning in their homes.

Music and dance have been a part of my life since I was very young. Beginning Classical Ballet lessons at the age of three, my love of all dance styles has grown from there. I have choreographed primary and secondary school performances, taught at dance schools and developed a performing arts program for a primary school. Growing up, I was surrounded by music, listening to my dad sing and play his guitar. I sang in choirs and tried my hand at playing drums, guitar and the clarinet. I love to sing along to the radio and make up my own lyrics! My husband and I both share this enjoyment for music and it is lovely to see it continue with our boys. We have enjoyed singing and making music with our boys from the day they were born. Truth be told, we were singing to them while they were still growing in utero.

Our home is always filled with music and dancing and I hope through joining us at Kidz Beatz, your home will be too.

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Learn more about our program

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